“The Smile Guy” has been running Smile related sites for over twenty years. It started with keepthesmile.com and has grown with time. Robert’s philosophy is “No mater how bad the day someone could use your Smile. When you think your world is coming to and end, and there is just no help look around and see if someone might be having a rougher day. I am sure you will find such a person. And a funny thing, he or she might have a Smile and bring one to your face as well. Always try to think positive. Share as many Smiles as you can and soon you will have a feeling you might not have thought possible. Our days are not always filled with joy and happiness, however your Smile and good attitude can make a big change in your life. Together we can make a bad day much brighter. Smile at a friend or stranger and your chat will go from doom and gloom to better times. I have lived through my bad days and have found a much greater happiness through my Smile, Smile Sites, and general Smiley related items. I keep them around as a reminder of what kind of day it should be. And truthfully wouldn’t you want to have a Smiley day every day. I know I do.