all smiles The Happy Smiley Bouncy Ball

Once upon a time there was a Happy Smiley Bouncy Ball. All this ball did all day was bounce. Bouncy Ball could not get a job, because all he ever did was bounce. When ever Bouncy Ball went on an interview he could not refrain from bouncing off the walls. This did not make very many employers happy because he had no work skills. Bouncy Ball was unhappy, but he always remembered what he was told as a young ball. Always Keep The Smile. This made Bouncy Ball seem happy to others, and even made them laugh. Well Bouncy Ball liked the laughter and that always brightened his day. One day while walking through a job site the boss noticed something was different. All of the employees were happy and each had a very special smile. The boss asked the employees what made them smile and they replied, it was the Happy Bouncy Ball. Well this was really great from the reaction of the boss. That day the boss made a very special phone call. Bouncy Ball was quite surprised to hear his phone ring, because most of his days were spent bouncing off the walls at home. This did not make Bouncy Ball many friends. Well as it happens the boss offered Bouncy Ball a job bouncing off the walls of his office. Bouncy Ball was very happy now, and spent the rest of his days bringing a smile to others. Now you might ask if there is an end to the story, or an authors final words. Not really , but it does go to show us that we all have a special place in this world. Do what you do best and when it is time you will be recognized for your talents. It will all work out in the end if you